Majors Report 2017

Major’s working weekend.

Saturday 9th September, this was a fairly nice day weather wise from what I can remember, a little chilly but one of those bright, brisk mornings which just makes you smile. Taking in the Herefordshire air.

This year was all in the hands of Adrian Gregory, Dave Gregory and Richard Rowley as the Clerks of Course, the seemed to know exactly what they wanted to do, they had a plan together and a team of people behind them willing to help.

We turned up in the field near Tandy’s cottage to find them there, ready and waiting, motors already off the trailers along with Tim Gregory and Steve Blakham.

The CoC’s had already done a recce the weekend before to see what they could do and to make a plan for the main working weekend which is when all the hard work starts.

They had found some land that had not been used in a while and some that had not been used before so they were keen to use this area but we were informed it needed a little tidying up.

With gloves and a few tools at the ready, off we went to help do whatever they needed doing.

When we got there, there was soooo much scrap metal and glass, it was clear that this area had been used for many, many years for disposing old bottles etc. Liz Guilding kindly offered her motor so we could start clear the way through, piling anything we could in the back of her 90 for recycling, after a couple of hours we were still there sifting through piles of glass, it was safe to say, we had no chance of clearing up the whole area so we did what we could, guiding by Adrian, Tim and Steve to where they wanted the section to drive through, whilst this was going on Dave and Richard were off in another part of the woods cracking on with some other sections which was a good job the time it took us to do what was needed but we were all happy to help. By the time we had done this it was pretty much lunchtime and back at the campsite in the deer park, other jobs were also being done such as marquees, signs and the competition packs.

Once we had lunch off they went back into the woods to start with the signs to prevent people getting lost. I believe by this time the CoC’s had got quite a few sections in Hospital wood and were close to moving over to the ridgeway, this was good news for the guys to get the signs done, so off they went. I stayed in the deer park to help out with other jobs and left the men and children to it.

There is always something to do on the working weekend, it can be very relaxed and enjoyable the more people we have involved because things get done quicker which means we get to chill out and open the bottle of wine earlier!!

Saturday soon ended and Sunday morning came round, off the team went to complete jobs in the woods. By the time it came to leave site we were in a really good place with trails sections, signs, marquees etc. I could not wait for the main weekend to come.

As the weeks days passed we were getting updates from some of the club members that stayed on for the week in the deer park as high winds were forecast… unfortunately even though the marquee was pegged down securely, this wasn’t enough as we end up losing a marquee to the winds, it picked up and put on its roof.

Thanks to Martyn Armstrong he managed to secure it from going any further until Alex Griffiths got there the following day! He managed to replace the damaged parts and secure the marquee back to its position ready for when we arrived on the Thursday evening ready to set up on the Friday.

So, finally the weekend has arrived. Friday 15t September.

At this point I was getting nervous but so excited to see people I hadn’t see in a while. Everything was in place and the team had gone back out into the woods to finish of the final touches to complete the trials.

12:00 the campsite opens and people start to turn up one after another.

This year we had 27 teams enter, this is more than previous years and we hope that this number continues to grow.

To see the enthusiasm of some of the drivers, for example, Graham Allen who not only continued to drive even though both of his team mate were unable to attend but when his vehicle had mechanical failure on the 7th section he continued to watch for the remaining 3 sections to then drive home a couple of hours to pick up a ‘new’ CCVT motor to return to Eastnor castle for scrutineering on the Sunday morning just so he could continue trailing as this was his navigators first time out doing this and he was having such a good time Graham didn’t want to let him down… how amazing is that!! Well done Graham Allen from P&DLRC.

Also, well done to Charles Darby from Southern LRC for being the only standard vehicle to have entered the Major’s Memorial Trial this year and Jemma Hillman from S&WLRC who was the only lady driver!

Well done guys and girls.


Moving onto the Rose Bowl and Shield.

As mentioned previously, Charles Darby was the only standard vehicle to have entered, we were shocked that we had not received a standard team as this is the first year in many we have not awarded the shield, however the Rose Bowl was awarded to Neal Mellish, David Naylor and Keith Lynam from L&LROC who had a total score off 33 over the weekend. Congratulations goes to them and also to Keith Lynam who had the lowest individual score of 7 over the whole weekend…….

Overall, we had a really successful weekend, thank you to everyone who got involved with making the weekend happen, even if you were there and didn’t think you were doing very much, I really appreciate the support and it means more than you think.

As I don’t get a chance to come out into the woods as much as I would like, if you have any stories you would like to share on you experience at the Major’s please send them to me as I would love to hear them.

I would like to give a personal thank you to the Eastnor Estate, esp. George and James Hervey Bathurst to allow us to continue trialling on their land. We hope we have many more years to come.

A massive thanks to the CoC’c for putting time and effort into some fantastic sections, I only received good feedback. Also to the team of marshals, thank you Alex for organising this. All the drivers who entered and to everyone else, Ruth & Richard Smith, Kathy and Martyn Armstrong, Liz and Will Guilding, Richard Banks, Phil Rock, Tim Kemp, Steve Odam, Dave Ball, Kelly Cole, John Kesterton and everyone else whose name I have not mentioned. You have all been there to support me and the event and I could not have asked for more this year, I really do appreciate it and I hope that I will see you at future events.

Well, that is it for another year, please find the results from the Major’s Memorial Trial 2017 along with some photos on the MROC website. We will also be making an appearance in LRO, December issue thanks to Andy Dennis and Russ Brown.

I can confirm the date for the Major’s Memorial Trial 2018 are, Friday 14th – Sunday 16th September.

The working weekend will take place the weekend before, 8th & 9th September. It’s never too early to approach and ask if you are interested in getting involved.

I believe we may have Hamish Grundy and Ben Tandy looking after the next one unless we have someone else willing to come forward and put their sections to the test.

Until then, I hope to see you at the AGM on the 8th November.

Samantha Miller

Major’s Memorial Event Manager

Majors 2017

Major’s Memorial Update

Not long left until the booking closes and we currently have 18 teams entered and some still on their way which include a Q class team, 2 standard teams and 1 young experienced driver, so far no sign of a ladies team which is a shame.

Classic Catering have been booked for the weekend, providing their marquee which food and drink will be served. It’s a good place to come down and talk to people from all over the ALRC. This will be available Friday – Monday.

We have toilets on site and a skip for rubbish.

Camping is in the usual spot, 23 acre; follow the signs when arriving on site. Please stop and book in when you arrive, camping is £10 per night per unit.

The campsite will open at 12 noon on Friday 15th. Signing on for drivers, navigators and marshals and scrutineering will open Friday at 12 o’clock noon until 10pm.

Scrutineering and signing on (drivers, navigators and marshals) will be available on Saturday 16th from 7:15am – 8:15am as the trial starts at 8:30am.

Trial will restart on the Sunday at 8am.

Prize giving will be given on the Sunday afternoon approx. 1 hour after the results have been posted to give time for any appeals (tbc).

Major’s information – Who’s doing what!

Booking Officer – Phil Rock

Event Manager – Samantha Miller

Clerks of Courses – Adrian Gregory, David Gregory and Richard Rowley.

Chief Scrutineer – Richard Banks

Chief Marshal  - Alex Griffiths

Eastnor Liaison – Richard Smith

Event Steward – Tony Birch

Results / Scores – Tim Kemp

Camping and Caravanning – Dave Ball

Site Services – John Kesterton and Graeme Wright

Communications – Andrew Neaves and Steve Odam (TBC)

Merchandise – Liz Guilding

Please find below the revised Major's Booking form and revised SR's for the 2017 Major's Memorial Trial.
Please note that Paragraphs 1 and 2 have been added to comply with unlicensed young drivers and the Q class. It is a great opportunity to take allowing the younger generations to compete as this is the future.
Booking is open until the 31st August so get your teams together and book in as soon as possible
Camping is available at a cost of £10 per night on the Eastnor Deer Park Friday to Sunday, please book in with Dave Ball, 
Classic Catering will be on site all weekend. Toilet facilities will be available on the camping grounds and also in sheep field where you will need to tow you trialing vehicles to on 1 of the days over the event weekend for lining up and driver briefing. 
As always we will be looking for marshals to help out over the days, each team will need to nominate a marshal for both days.
More information will be added to the website as we get closer tot he event so please remember to look out for updates.
As always, if you have any questions please contact me via email or phone.
2017 Major's Memorial Trial is approaching, this year it is being held Friday 15th - Sunday 17th September 2017 at Eastnor Castle.
The Clerks of Course for the 17th Major's Memorial Trail are;
Richard Rowley, David Gregory and Adrian Gregory.
The land we will be using, Ridgeway, Birchen and Hospital Wood!
We would also like to announce, Q Class will be allowed to enter to compete, however they will not be entitled to win the Rose Bowl, a revised copy of the SR's will be available shortly on our website and Facebook page, a copy will be sent out to all clubs within the ALRC. 

We would also like to support young drivers who have competed in both TYRO and RTV and have also competed CCVT, again this will be in the SR's so please read them when they are distributed amongst your club.
Booking will be open until 31st August 2017, team entry is still at £135 per team.

It's been a while since we have awarded the Ladies Trophy to an all female team, be nice to see it back in the hands of a Ladies Team.
As always we ask for as much help and support with the event to make it a fun smooth weekend for everyone to enjoy, if you are interested in getting involved. contact me for more information.
Many thanks
MROC Chair and Event Manager
Please Click Here To Download Booking Form
Click Here For The SR's

Results 2016

Congratulations to Peak & Dukeries LRC (Keith Lynham, Dave Naylor and Neil Melish) 

Overall winners of the Majors Memorial Trial 2016.


Congratulations to Hants & Berks LRC (Jack Dewdney, Alan Braclik and Mark Ambler). 

Winners in the standard class.


and new for this year!

Best overall driver - Neil Melish


Best standard class driver - Mark Ambler


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