Major's Marshals

Marshals / Officials

Contact us if you're willing to volunteer - either for 1 or both days (email to or just Sign-On via the link at the bottom).
If you need more info, please read below.


Without the many marshals & other officials involved, the event could not run ! All are volunteers.

Roles include Score Marshal, Group Leading Marshal, Marshal, Chief Marshal, Rally Control, Steward etc (Definitions below).

All need to be over 16 years old & under 18s need to be accompanied by an older marshal.

As we typically run between 6 ~ 8 separate groups of competing cars & each group requires approx. 5 marshals, we need more marshals than MROC can supply alone.
For that reason we request all competing teams to nominate & bring at least 1 marshal for each day's trialling. Some teams nominate more than 1 marshal & some change marshal each day - eg so that they perhaps marshal on 1 day & act as passenger / co-driver on the other day.

To reward marshals for their assistance in running the event there will be a light packed lunch provided (##) & a small thankyou gift at the end of each day.
NB The trial does not stop for lunch in order to finish each day as early as possible.

Signing-On :

To ensure all marshals / officials are covered by the Motorsport UK provided insurance, all MUST be "Signed-On", so that we have a record of their name, contact details & also emergency contact / next of kin details (NB This was optional, BUT IS NOW Mandatory since April 2022 at the request of the Police).
To speed up people's arrival on site & ensure legibility of information, we now request Signing-On via a simple online form BEFORE the event.
The link to the form is included at the bottom of this page.

Competitor & Marshals / Officials Signing-On MUST be completed before midnight 9th September so that we can prepare the required arrival Checklists.
The forms are very mobile phone friendly, so don't put it off !

As marshals / officials have already “Signed-On” pre-event, on arrival you'll be just checked in against the relevant Entry List .