Photo Gallery

2022 Event Photos

Here's a stunning photo of Mick Chick in full flight ! For those who know him, Mick Chick being Mick Chick - lol.

There's a lot of photos of most drivers / groups taken by Tim Kemp, 1 of the MROC organising team, here.

There's also lots of photos / videos on our Facebook page here

2022 Major's Start Line

The start each day is always impressive as all the cars leave in their Groups.
Here's a video link

2022 Major's Memorial Trial Winners

The 2022 Rose Bowl winners :

The combined Peak & Dukeries LRC & Lincs LRC team of Gordon Renshaw, Ben Knight & David Summerfield.
Combined score of only 72 points over 60 sections - including 36 Clears between them ! Well done.

2022 Major's 2nd Place

The 2nd placed CCROC Moonrakers team of Jake Jepps, Simon Day & Andy Freeman. The team only lost out on the winning spot by quantity of "Clears" - 33 vs the overall winners 36 !

2022 Ladies Team Award winners

It was great to have a Ladies team at this year's Major's after many years without. Well done to the Breckland 2 team of Tracey Hill, Rebecca Stockbridge & Hannah Jarvis.