Current Trial Format

For those not familiar with the Major's Memorial Trial format, here's a description :

Typically the trial takes place over 2 days in 2 separate woods on the Eastnor Estate, with 10 sections in each wood, all off a major track that circuits inside each wood. 

A minor disadvantage of the huge woods we have access to is that dependant on which we're using there is some travelling to get from the camp site to the trial start area ( involving trailering the cars on public roads) & the start areas are at least 0.5 miles from the trials sections.
However, our visitors appear to think its worth the minor inconvenience !

The teams entered are divided into multiple Groups – typically with around 4 teams / 12 drivers in each Group. These Groups are then divided, with half competing in 1 wood on 1 of the days & the other half in the other wood. On the 2nd day, the Groups swop over to compete in the other wood.

Due to the quantity of teams entered, we normally have between 6 & 8 Groups of drivers – so 3 or 4 Groups in each wood. Each Group starts the day at a different section, usually separated from the other Groups by 1 or 2 trials sections so that 2 Groups shouldn’t normally overlap at any point during the day. 

Due to the quantity of drivers & Sections & distance from the Start area, lunch is always taken “on the hoof” to ensure finishing each day at a reasonable time. 

Each Group is led from Section to Section by a Group Leading Marshal, who’s in radio contact with Rally Control to ensure the organisers know where everyone is & to be able to call for any additional support if needed. Each Group will also have additional marshals, comprising of Team nominated marshals & Club volunteers. 

All of the marshals move around the Sections with the same Group rather than remain at any specific Section. Typically each Group’s marshals will “elect” 1 of their number as Score Marshal for the day, sometimes both days.

Team nominated marshals can be swopped over on the different days to allow 1 to passenger for a Team driver on 1 day & marshal the other day. Passengers are restricted to a single driver.

Results are collected after each day & overall results calculated and cross-checked as soon as the final Group returns.
Provisional overall results are then posted on site & made final after a short period to allow teams to identify any potential mistakes.