Major's Competitor Info.

Entry Booking

THIS EVENT MUST BE PRE-BOOKED via the Online form OR by sending us a paper copy of the separate paper booking form (See the green buttons to the right or below).

The closing date for entries / payment is 7th September 2022.

Booking is now open !

The event is open to teams of 3 drivers from ALRC Clubs.

ENTRY COST: £165 per Team (£55 per driver for 2 days of trialling), discounted to £150 (£50 per driver) if booked before 21st August.

Before booking please ensure everyone in the team has read & understood the event Supplementary Regulations (link below), as non compliance could mean failure to start the event or exclusion from the event.

Each team should get someone to submit the form on behalf of their team(s) - BUT please ensure all drivers, passengers & nominated marshals are aware of the info. / requirements below.

Remember to identify if any of the teams are all Standard Class (ie ALRC Class 1 ~5) or all ladies - as there are separate awards available for them.

Bookings are accepted on a first come first served basis, so don’t delay - send your entry today to avoid disappointment !

There will be full refund if COVID leads to the event being cancelled.

Nominated Marshal(s)

To accommodate so many teams requires many marshals to enable safe and efficient organisation of the trial. It is a condition of entry that each team supplies at least one nominated marshal for each trial day. The marshal can be changed for each day (eg so that they perhaps marshal on 1 day & act as passenger / co-driver on the other day).
Failure to provide a marshal may result in the team’s disqualification from the event, without refund.

Marshals must be 16 or over, but if under 18 need to be accompanied by another marshal over 18.

Nominated marshals MUST "Sign-On" prior to midnight 9th September & only need to "Check-In" with event officials when arriving at the site.


NB : Passengers are restricted to a single driver.
However a driver can have up to 2 passengers


To speed up people's arrival on site & ensure legibility of information, we now request Signing-On of all competitors (drivers & passengers / Co-drivers) via a simple online form prior to midnight 9th September.

This form collects the key info. necessary to fulfil Motorsport UK requirements & to ensure competitors are covered by the provided 3rd Party insurance.
NB This includes Emergency Contact / next of kin details that was previously optional, BUT IS NOW Mandatory since April 2022 at the request of the Police.

Competitors please use the button below to open & submit the online Signing-On form.
Marshals please use the button at the bottom of the
Marshals webpage
's a simpler form).
Please Sign-On
prior to midnight 9th September.

Upon site arrival you will only need to be "Checked-in" by an event Official after confirming your name.
Drivers : Please ensure your passengers are Signed-On, as we don't have their contact details to chase them !
NB : We will be checking competitors Club Membership Cards & Ms UK Competition Licences on arrival.

Supplementary Regulations

The Major's event has SRs (Supplementary Regulations) which should be read and understood by all competitors. Click the button below to view/download the full SRs document.
NB Non compliance can mean exclusion from the event in the worst case !

Appeals Procedure

(During the event. As also specified in the SRs)

  1. Group Leading Marshal - Approach on section

  2. Clerk of Course - Ask to attend section

  3. Stewards - Written protest within 30 minutes of the end of the day's event

  4. Results - Within 30 minutes of being posted

Site Rules

(Applicable to all site users)

Please remember at all times that Eastnor Estate is very sensitive ground, an SSSI site and a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

  1. 5mph site speed limit will be strictly enforced (except where marked).

  2. Please park all large vehicles facing downhill to minimise any damage to the ground.

  3. Please leave a minimum of 6 metres in any direction between camping units for fire safety.

  4. Apart from designated camping, please avoid all grass areas and do not drive anywhere "off-road" around the Deer Park.

  5. Tread lightly in all areas.

  6. Do not use vehicles unnecessarily. Please do not use them to drive to water or sanitation.

  7. Do not fill or wash any part of your toilet at the drinking water taps.

  8. Do not wash your vehicle, or any part, at any of the taps.

  9. Spectators may drive to the parking areas only. They must not drive to the trials areas.

  10. Dogs must be kept on a lead and under control at all times, and exercised clear of the caravans.

  11. Please use the rubbish bag provided and seal it before placing it in the skip. Please keep all rubbish secure from the attentions of the deer and other wildlife.

  12. Fires and BBQ’s on the ground are not allowed. Any raised wood type burner must have a means of collecting hot ashes placed beneath it.

  13. Any person wilfully or neglectfully damaging any areas of the park will be asked to leave the site immediately, NO excuses.

  14. Use of generators only permitted on the campsite between 09.00 and 21.00hrs.

Anyone failing to comply with any of the above will be asked to leave the estate